Kimono Fabric

A delight for the senses....

I am continually amazed and delighted with Japanese kimono fabric.

The range of fiber content (silk, wool, 
cotton, synthetics, hemp & blends thereof), the 
designs that range from simple to complex, and the 
color combinations that both puzzle me (Westerner 
that I am) and entrance me, are sources of great 
aesthetic satisfaction.

The word “kimono” means clothing in Japanese.

So a kimono fabric might be meant to make a komon kimono, a haori, an obi, or some other item of clothing.

The one thing that all kimono fabric has in common regardless of its fiber content or intended use, is its narrow width, which is between 13” and 14”. 

This narrow width is both a challenge and an inspiration to me as I use kimono fabric to design and make beautiful scarves, clothing, home décor and jewelry.

Rinzu -- a woven pattern

Many of the silk bolts have a woven pattern.  The Japanese term for this is rinzu
Some silks have a textured background with raised motifs at intervals.  This green silk has diamonds with chrysanthemums in the center. 

You can see the scarf I made with this silk at:
Some silks have an overall pattern.  This is a very strong overall rinzu pattern which is surprisingly soft texture.  The dyes of muted green, gold and mauve geometric shapes create added interest. 
You can see the keyhole scarf I made from this silk at:
This indigo blue silk has rinzu peonies.  The dyed elements, gold grass and white flowers, are unrelated in placement.  You can see a sheath dress I made at this address:
Shibori is almost always done on rinzu fabric.  Here you can see the bamboo stalk that has been woven in the fabric.  Shibori is a resist dyeing technique which has created the white areas on the silk.

You can see a scarf I made from this silk at:
Occasionally I find a silk on which the dye follows the line of the woven rinzu motif, as in this piece.  The orange and gold dye follows the white outlines of the leaves.

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