Playing with Silk....

My addiction to Japanese kimono fabric....

All began when I wanted a kimono to hang in my guest room....

I found a web site that sold kimono – and kimono fabric. Ever curious, I bought a bolt of kimono silk. It was glorious. 14” wide & 12 yards long! I bought another, then another.

Thus began my love affair with kimono silk. 
When I bought my 100th bolt, I realized I was truly addicted!

I've sewn all my life, so I played with the silk, making clothing for myself, my family and my friends. But 100 bolts of kimono fabric is a lot of fabric, and I was buying more; not only silk, but wool, silk/wool blends, synthetics and heavy obi silk and rayon.

I started selling my creations in local boutiques, but decided I wanted a larger market.

After some research (I’m a librarian) I decided to open a shop online, and it quickly became obvious that the right venue was

The 14” width of the fabric is a challenge and an inspiration. I found myself designing scarves, table runners, jackets, capes, tops, jewelry, and purses that accommodated the narrow width. I’m continually designing new items, most recently dresses and flowers.

Learning how to sew without a pattern is an interesting, and continuous, undertaking. I call the whole process “playing with silk.” 

I retired a year ago, and running a shop on Etsy requires me to use my mental faculties to the fullest. I not only design and make the what I sell, but write the descriptions, take the photographs (an old skill, resurrected), find supply sources, manage marketing (a new skill that needs a lot of work), keep the books, and deal with packaging and mailing items to many parts of the world.

All in all, being a silk addict is a lot of fun. I have no desire to kick my habit!

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